1 Month

I started B4K at the very end of 2016. It was a tough year in a lot of ways for so many people, and it ended on a low note for me personally. I was just diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, which I was in no way surprised by, but have the label applied to me sparked something in my mind. At first, it was painful, but then I was struck by a desire to reach out to people who felt the same pain, or who wanted to help. I know this is a small thing, I know a bookmark is just a piece of paper, but I hope that it can be a little more than that to those who contribute their time and kindness to this project. I hope each bookmark can be a small reminder to keep on being kind. In just 1 month I have sent bookmarks across the United States, to Canada, Greece, the UAE, and the UK. I can’t wait to see them pop up all over the world taking my love and thanks along with them.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to anyone who has participated in this project in any way. Your kind words, donations, and of course random acts of kindness make my world, and the world as a whole a little bit better. I don’t mean for this to be a self-servingΒ thing, but it has certainly helped me to deal with my own personal darkness. I hope that it can do the same for others who come in contact with it.

If you are new to B4K, please feel free to follow on InstagramΒ @bookmarks_for_kindness, or send a message. I’m always willing to discuss any questions or concerns. Also, check out the links on the DONATE! page to see how you can support bookmark production, and click here to support suicide preventions: click me!Β Thanks for reading!


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