2 Months

Another month over already! I would like to write more often, but I was away from home the entire month of February, so it was hard to find the time. However, some exciting things have been happening with Bookmarks for Kindness so it is long past time I give an update!

The Suicide Prevention campaign for February was a huge success! We raised $610.00 in one month for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention! I am just blown away by how much good I have already found through this bookmark project, and I can’t wait to see how much more we can raise for different organizations over the coming months. The outreach and community should grow together, and I have a few different things in the works to make that happen!

First, I am planning a new charity campaign with Room to Read, an organization that promotes and funds literacy in Asia and Africa. By the end of March, my goal is to raise $300.00 which is enough money to keep a child in school for a full year. You can donate here: B4K campaign, or find the link through the DONATE! page. Please share the campaign and spread the word!

The second thing I am planning is a Rep Search. This is a little unorthodox because B4K is not a shop, but I would love to build a team of B4K reps that can help me spread the message of kindness! I really believe I can accomplish some amazing things with this project, and I am certain I can do even more with help! Some of the things I would love my reps to do to help B4K are:

  • Provide bookmark design suggestions
  • Help find new charities to support
  • Create and share Kindness Challenges
  • Promote the current B4K charity campaign, AND/OR a personal campaign of their choice
  • share photos of B4K bookmarks about once a week with captions that encourage others to be kind

In return for working with B4K I will provide my reps with at least 1 package of bookmarks a month, probably more. I know it’s a lot to ask so I will be looking for people who have some time to dedicate to the project. I’m planning to keep reps on the B4K team for 3 months at a time. Please reach out to me if you feel that you would be a great rep for B4K!

The last thing I am currently planning (which I am SO psyched about!) Is a partnership with a subscription box! Read em’ and Steep is a new book box that also works with Room to Read. They inspired me to start a literacy campaign this month, and I am so excited to work with them on their first box! If you want to learn more, you can check out their Kickstarter and purchase their first box here: Read em’ and Steep Kickstarter. Boxes should be going out in May for the first time assuming they generate the support they need, so please check it out!

As always, I love getting feedback from the B4K community. What bookmarks do you want to see? What charities should I share? What inspires you to be kind? Let me know in the comments, or on Instagram. Much love and kindness. ❤



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