3 Months!

A whole quarter of the year spent sharing kindness! I can’t believe it! I just got back from Wondercon in Anaheim, California. I took some bookmarks along and I gave them out to other creators, authors, and attendees who asked me about the project. Everyone seemed really into it, and I even met some other bookstagrammers!Β It was great to have a real life connection with some people over the project and see the excitement in their faces.

The Room to Read campaign is still going! You can find the link to donate in the DONATE page. I am planning to keep it running until we reach the $300 goal. A few people did have a bit of a hiccup when they gave, and it went straight to Room to Read, instead of being counted on the B4K campaign. No hard done, money still went to the same place, but the real total is closer to $150 right now. In any case, I plan to keep it open until the B4K campaign hits $300!

I have also opened a new charity fundraising page with The Trevor Project. This project was mentioned more often than anything else during the rep search in March, so I knew I had to create a page for it! The organization supports the rights of LGBTQ+ youthΒ and supports those who feel they have no way out but suicide. I feel that any organization trying to help encourage young people to stay alive and stay strong needs to be supported!

One last change I have made to the project is closing down the B4K Patreon and opening a B4K PayPal account. Now you can make a 1-time donation in any amount through bookmarks4kindness@gmail.com on PayPal and receive bookmarks! Patreon was inconvenient I think, so I decided to move to a different platform. None of the money will go into my pocket. The only time I personally make a profit from my work is when I collaborate with Subscription Boxes. Any PayPal donations will be used for things like paints, watercolor paper, and international stamps.

I think it’s important that anyone who supports B4K with their money feels good about how they are spending it! For that reason, I plan to provide even more options in the future for different ways to give. I am planning an promotion campaign with an animal shelter, so soon there will be photos of adorable animals available for adoption in addition to bookmarks! If you work with a shelter, contact me to talk about ways to promote adoption in your area.

I’m so excited about these updates! I hope you are too, and I am looking forward to something cool when the Instagram hits 1,000 followers! Not sure what yet, but definitely something!

Thanks for reading!



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