#B4KMay Photo Challenge!

First of all, huge shout out to Words by Reese (@reesereadsnwords) for creating these challenge graphics! I love them so much. She also designed the new logo, and she was amazing to work with. If you need custom graphics or content, definitely talk to her!

It’s time for the first everΒ Bookmarks for Kindness photo challenge! In the lovely images above you will find the daily challenges and a breakdown of the themes for each day. Here’s a little bit more info on each of the themes! Use the tag #B4KMay all month, I can’t wait to see your photos!

Mental Health Monday:Β 

All of these challenges focus on books that either focus on mental health, or have had an affect on your mental health as a reader.

Diversity Tuesday:

These challenges highlight diverse books, diverse authors, diverse covers, diverse everything! Celebrate and raise up your favorite diverse works on Tuesdays all month!

Reverse you Attitude Wednesdays:

In May I will be promoting Attitudes in Reverse! More on that very soon, but these challenges revolve around how your bookish attitudes have changed! I dare you to find things you have really changed your opinion on!

Thoughtful Thursdays:

Many of these challenges focus on how you reflect your favorite pieces on fiction onto yourself.

Fave Friday:

Share your favorites!!!

Small Business Saturdays:

These days are all about sharing your favorite small businesses! So if the challenge is ‘Bookmarks and prints”, share your favorite printmaker or designer. I always appreciate when people share my work, so take this opportunity to share the shops you love.

Sock Sunday/ $5 for 5 day:

I know it’s hard to keep up with challenges, so I wanted to include one that a lot of people already do every week! In addition to sharing your cute socks, every Sunday I will be encouraging people to donate $5 to one of my charities for 5 custom bookmarks of their choice! I need to start offering fewer bookmarks in my packages as demand increases so this is a great chance to get a bigger pack of designs!




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