4 Months

Hello again! Time for another B4K update!

The first 4 months of this crazy journey have passed, here are some of the highlights if you are new to the project:

  • I have sent bookmarks around the world to a bunch of different countries, at 0 cost to the recipient
  • Together with my followers, I raised over $600.00 for Suicide Prevention
  • I have gathered an amazing rep team who have helped me reach 1K followers on Instagram
  • This month I have the first B4K photo challenge going, and there are already so many people participating, it’s wonderful!

Here are a few of my future goals:

  • Continue to raise money for The Trevor Project, Room to Read, and now Attitudes in Reverse! (click here for donation page). I will keep these donation events open until we hit the goals, so please continue to give what you can or share the pages!
  • Expand the B4K outreach to other social media platforms. There is already a facebook page and a twitter account. I want to grow those audiences to draw more people into the project!
  • Possibly create a B4K team for this year’s GISHWHES, but I need highly motivated teammates!
  • And of course, send and create more beautiful bookmarks. I need to get better at the craft and I need to practice to do so!

I would not have achieved any goals without people like you participating in the project. It means so much to me that so many people are passionate about it and want to share kindness. If you have ideas for future goals bookmarks, or charities, let me know in the comments!


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