My name is Samantha Beard, and I created Bookmarks 4 Kindness in December 2016. I believe in letting people pay with kindness. What that means to me, is gifting people who share their acts of kindness to encourage them to keep on being kind. It is important to me that I use my audience as a force for good. This project was never intended to turn a profit, make me financially wealthy, or promote any specific person or artist. All I want to do is share the kindness I have seen in the Bookstagram (book readers of Instagram) community. I want to shine a light on the kindness of others and encourage them to keep on shining themselves.

If you support this vision, you can contribute your time or money to the cause! The next time you commit an act of kindness take a photo (if you can) or simply share your story in a caption. Post it on Instagram, tag @bookmarks_for_kindness and I will reach out to you about your bookmarks!

You can make small donations to the B4K PayPal through bookmarks4kindness@gmail.com. All funds will go towards supplies.

If you just want to voice your support, or have questions, follow the contact link to get in touch via email, or you can always message me on Instagram.