4 Months

Hello again! Time for another B4K update! The first 4 months of this crazy journey have passed, here are some of the highlights if you are new to the project: I have sent bookmarks around the world to a bunch of different countries, at 0 cost to the recipient Together with my followers, I raised … Continue reading 4 Months


#B4KMay Photo Challenge!

First of all, huge shout out to Words by Reese (@reesereadsnwords) for creating these challenge graphics! I love them so much. She also designed the new logo, and she was amazing to work with. If you need custom graphics or content, definitely talk to her! It's time for the first everΒ Bookmarks for Kindness photo challenge! … Continue reading #B4KMay Photo Challenge!

3 Months!

A whole quarter of the year spent sharing kindness! I can't believe it! I just got back from Wondercon in Anaheim, California. I took some bookmarks along and I gave them out to other creators, authors, and attendees who asked me about the project. Everyone seemed really into it, and I even met some other … Continue reading 3 Months!

2 Months

Another month over already! I would like to write more often, but I was away from home the entire month of February, so it was hard to find the time. However, some exciting things have been happening with Bookmarks for Kindness so it is long past time I give an update! The Suicide Prevention campaign … Continue reading 2 Months